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ABC News President Kim Godwin Demoted and Given Micromanager Boss, Sources Say

ABC <a data-ail="4853003" target="_blank" href="https://www.world-today-news.com/category/news/" >News</a> President Kim Godwin Gets New Micromanager Boss, Reportedly Demoted

Embattled ABC News President Kim Godwin Gets New Micromanager Boss, Reportedly Demoted

Published: Feb. 14, 2024, 7:03 p.m. ET

ABC News President Kim Godwin has been effectively demoted and will now report to Debra O’Connell, a veteran executive, insiders revealed. O’Connell, a 27-year Disney veteran, will head a newly created division that encompasses ABC News and its top-rated shows, “Good Morning America” and “World News Tonight with David Muir.” According to sources, Godwin’s relegation renders her “irrelevant” as a news president. One insider described O’Connell as a “micromanager” who will have control over everything, while Godwin’s role will be marginalized. The restructuring was announced shortly after Godwin renewed her contract as ABC News president.

Changing of Leadership

As part of a major restructuring within ABC News, Debra O’Connell has been elevated to helm a new division that will oversee the network. ABC News President Kim Godwin will now report directly to O’Connell, who has extensive experience leading various Disney-owned TV stations and entertainment networks.

Demotion or Restructuring?

The shakeup at ABC News has sparked debate about Kim Godwin’s role and influence within the network. While some insiders view it as a demotion, it’s important to note that Godwin’s contract was renewed prior to the announcement, suggesting that she willingly accepted the new position. However, sources have expressed concerns about O’Connell’s management style, with some labeling her as a “micromanager.”

Turbulent Tenure

Kim Godwin’s tenure as ABC News president has been marked by various controversies and setbacks. Under her leadership, the network’s top-rated shows have lost ground to rivals NBC News and CBS News. One notable incident that drew criticism was the handling of the salacious affair between “GMA3” hosts T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach. The details of the affair led to a spectacle and subsequent news stories. Godwin allowed the hosts to continue on-air, but they were later sidelined and eventually exited the company. Additionally, Godwin’s style and alleged focus on personal promotion have faced criticism from some staffers at ABC News.

Significance of the Restructuring

Industry insiders speculate that the restructuring at ABC News is prompted by a need to cut costs and streamline operations. The move could also be seen as an attempt to address the network’s slipping ratings. Godwin’s demotion has been a topic of discussion within the industry for some time, and this restructuring could be seen as an effort to reposition and rejuvenate ABC News.

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