a woman shot dead by her husband

A 38-year-old woman was shot dead in Haute-Corse by her husband, hospitalized for a suicide attempt after his act.

Gendarmes were called on Thursday after the 30-year-old’s disappearance and went to the couple’s home in Valle d’Alesani, Haute-Corse, in the east of the island, prosecutor Arnaud Viornery said.

Her husband, aged about 40, “was wounded by a gun in the jaw” and was “not in a position” to say where his partner was when the gendarmes arrived. He was medically taken care of, then evacuated in serious condition to the Nice University Hospital.

The body hidden under a sofa

Searches in the home “made it possible in the evening to find the body of this woman which was hidden under a sofa. She was obviously killed by firearm,” added Mr. Viornery.

The research section and the research brigade of Bastia were part of the investigation opened for aggravated intentional homicide.

This case brings to at least 60 the number of suspected feminicides since the beginning of the year, according to an AFP count. In 2019, 146 women were killed by their spouse or ex-partner, 25 more than the previous year, according to the latest official figures.

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