A Ukrainian in a cheap jeep with an idiotic act on Duni beach, save him Russian ZIL! PHOTOS

A Ukrainian jeep got stuck in the sand on Duni beach near Sozopol, reports a reader of Flagman.bg, who witnessed the curious incident.

The car is a Toyota brand, with Kiev registration and a lot of money. Its value is about BGN 100,000.

Photo: Flagman bg

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His guide apparently thought he was on a beach in Dubai and entered the dune without any problems. In our country, however, such arbitrariness is punishable, as the fine for the driver is BGN 3,000.

Photo: Flagman bg

The Ukrainian bartender is on site. He made several attempts to idle the car, but failed. A Russian ZIL veteran has been called in to help pull the foreign SUV off the beach.

The photos show tires on part of the alley, which means that the driver walked on the sand until he sank and realized that the place was not suitable for training for the legendary Dakar Desert Rally.


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