A Threat to Vision: Cataracts in the Eye – A Health Issue to Watch Out For

Loss or weakness of vision affects the quality of life of hundreds of millions of people in the world. Aging, genetic factors and disease play a major role in human exposure to vision problems. Cataracts are one of the most health problems that threaten people’s eyes.

Our lives are almost devoid of “cataract” disease, or what is known as cataracts, whether it affects a relative, acquaintance or friend. Cataracts are a health problem that threatens vision and leads to cataracts. It can be seen frequently in the elderly.

Medically, poor vision affects people’s lives, as the exposure of the injured to vision problems is linked to various accidents that could threaten their lives, or they suffer from daily difficulties in doing their simplest work.

In a British study, researchers found that about 46 percent of the elderly who entered clinics and hospitals due to fractures had poor eyesight, which raises the risk of accidents and painful injuries due to exposure to fractures or falls.

There is no way to prevent cataracts, but it is advised to see a doctor when getting older, especially for people who have a family member with this problem.

And to define the harmfulness of cataracts and when it is necessary to intervene surgically., Says consultant ophthalmologist Wael Al-Manawy. In an interview with Sabah, “Sky News Arabia” ..

  • Cataract is a term that describes the disease when we have a clouding of the inner lens of the eye.
  • Mostly cataracts occur in elderly people.
  • There are some medications and some immune diseases that lead to the appearance of cataracts.
  • Some babies are born with cataracts.
  • One of the most popular drugs that cause this disease is cortisone, which is involved in the treatment of many brain diseases.
  • A mistake in sugar, especially when we are diabetics, leads to this disease.
  • Cataract is not a serious disease, the risk increases as the amount of cataract increases because it affects vision.
  • The advanced stages of cataract disease make the patient unable to perform his life well.
  • If the patient neglects treatment, this can lead to infections inside the eye, an increase in intraocular pressure, or it may turn into glaucoma.
  • The only treatment is an operation to remove the cataract and replace the lens of the eye.
  • The water removal process is one of the minor operations, it takes about 10 minutes, and the patient returns to work and leads a life after a very short period.
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