Broadcaster Fired for Supporting Ashraf Hakimi

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A famous Colombian broadcaster lost his job and was fired from the radio he works for after his statements in which he defended Ashraf Hakimi, the star of Paris Saint-Germain and the Moroccan national team accused of rape, which sparked widespread controversy.

At the end of last month, Ashraf Hakimi was accused of sexual assault and rape, after a girl went to a police station in the French capital, Paris, and filed a complaint against the player, while the French prosecutor investigated Ashraf.

Oscar Renteria criticized the behavior of the girl who went to Hakimi’s house, and said: I do not believe the girl’s story. I believe that when a woman goes to a player’s house, she must know what awaits her, and what risks she may face.

And the famous Colombian radio station “Caracol” issued a statement saying that Renteria will no longer present his program “El Bolso del Futbol” due to his departure from the radio.

Oscar Renteria returned, in an interview reported by the “Semana” newspaper, to talk about his statements, saying: I said that what happened is not considered new. Several complaints were made against some players, some of whom were punished and others were not dealt with. I repeat that this is my opinion and deserves respect like all other opinions. .

And he continued: I am surprised by the radio’s decision, as many were surprised, but it is a decision and I accept it, and I thank everyone for the messages of support that I received.

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