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A sudden ministerial decision… “Goodbye to bank cards?!”

“Lebanon Debate”

Station owners have taken a decision not to accept payment by bank cards starting today, Thursday, in response to a decision issued by the Ministry of Finance to collect taxes and fees in cash in Lebanese pounds.

In this context, the representative of fuel distributors in Lebanon, Fadi Abu Chakra, apologized to “all citizens for being forced to take this measure by not accepting payment by bank cards on all Lebanese territories, after a decision in which the Minister of Finance, Youssef Al-Khalil, modified the rate of collection of fees and taxes to become 100%.” In cash in Lebanese pounds.

In an interview with Lebanon Debate, Abu Chakra said: “As fuel distributors and station owners, we can no longer collect money via bank cards, given that we cannot withdraw it from banks to pay it to the Lebanese state.”

Abu Shakra held, “The ministry that took this decision is responsible, reiterating his apology to the citizens.”

He stressed that “some stations affiliated with some companies were collecting money from bank cards, to pay taxes and fees,” describing “the new decision as today putting sticks on wheels in the citizen’s face, especially since the citizen cannot withdraw his money from banks.”

Below is the full text of the decision:

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