A sudden development in the case of the murder of Nancy Ajram’s house

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The murder case that took place at the home of the Lebanese artist Nancy Ajram is still occupied with public opinion and has high follow-up rates. In a new development, the family of the dead man, Mohamed Al-Mousa, submitted a request to the Public Prosecution in Mount Lebanon for an autopsy and for the removal of bullets that hit his body, due to doubts they had hoped the autopsy would clarify, according to Al-Arabiya TV.

Sources familiar with the case said, “The autopsy process ends this week, and it will be handed over to the family of the dead man later for burial in his hometown in Syria.”
Al-Mousa’s family requested an autopsy to show the truth, “because they see that the forensic report that laid out at the moment of the accident lacked the evidence that should be included in any official report, especially in terms of determining the distances between the killer and the dead, and the type of projectiles,” according to “Sputnik”.

She stated that «the videos that were shown and showed how the accident occurred do not show the existence of legitimate self-defense, because self-defense in the legal sense is the only means remaining in front of the target person to save himself, which was not touched by the family in the video in which the actress’s husband Ajram appeared when he was killed Her son. ”

The Syrian lawyer, Rehab Bitar, a volunteer in the defense team for the family of the dead Muhammad al-Musa, revealed a few days ago that the dead body had not yet been buried, and is still in the hospital refrigerator in Beirut.

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The villa of the Lebanese actress Nancy Ajram in New Suhaila in Lebanon was subjected to “an attempted theft”, according to Nancy and her husband, by Mohamed Hassan Al-Mousa, which ended with the shooting and killing of Al-Mousa immediately at the hands of her husband Fadi Al-Hashem. According to the channel «LBC», investigations revealed that the dead man searched for the two stars Najwa Karam and Haifa Wehbe, via the Internet, and sought to know their residence.

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