a show in New York

What a show at this year’s Us Open!

On the pitch to play the final was the great champion Novak Djokovic, ready to taste the joys of the Grand Slam. But instead… surprisingly, amidst the emotion of the crowd and the tears of the player himself, it was Daniil Medveved who won.

But also on the terraces there was a remarkable spectacle: among the audience there were Bradley Cooper and Brad Pitt.

An unusual couple indeed. The two celebrities passionately commented on the game exchanges and enthusiastically exclaimed for the best moments of the game. Together, without a girlfriend or a new flame, Bradley and Brad certainly didn’t go unnoticed.

Bradley, after his split from Irina Shayk and rumors (which turned out to be unfounded) of a flirtation with Lady Gaga, is now devoted to his daughter Lea De Seine and yoga. Gossip magazines continue to give Brad new girlfriends, while fans dream of a reunion with Jennifer Aniston, in true Bennifer style. What’s going to happen ? In the meantime, Brad and Bradley have been very much in love: tennis, but …

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