A Russian pensioner fried eggs on the eternal fire of the memorial

According to the portal, the authorities became interested in the matter only after a video was spread on social networks depicting a woman frying eggs on an eternal fire in a monument called the Mourning Mother. After the arrest, the woman explained that she needed hot food and that she was not used to eating in restaurants. But as a child, she was taught that one should indulge in breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The server added that a few days ago in Volgograd, the authorities began to prosecute a similar offense for a man who, while drunk, lit a cigarette from an eternal fire on a grave in which soldiers killed in fighting the Nazis in one of the groundbreaking battles of World War II are buried. At that time, however, the present Volgograd was called Stalingrad.

Pushkin is located about 30 kilometers from Red Square in the center of Moscow and 17 kilometers from the ring road MKAD, which delimits the outskirts of the capital. In the autumn of 1941, the front line was located only 25 kilometers from Pushkin. Tens of thousands of residents of the city and its surroundings were drafted into the Red Army, others participated in the construction of field fortifications, which helped defend Moscow from the German offensive.

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