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A huge fire after the accident blocked the highway in both directions

An accident closed the Trakia Motorway in both directions. The accident happened 6 km from the highway in the direction of Burgas. According to initial data, two trucks collided and one caught fire, according to the Ministry of Interior.


One of the drivers was killed, the Emergency Service told NOVA. He was driving the burning tank. The other participant in the accident is from Serbia. The tanker was carrying gasoline and the driver was a foreign national.

A bypass route has been introduced for all vehicles on the road I-8 Vakarel – Novi Han – Sofia and back. It is necessary for drivers to drive with increased attention and appropriate speed, RIA warns.

“Procedural and investigative actions are being carried out. The reasons for the accident are being clarified. Unusual and suspicious was the movement of the tank, which according to initial data caught fire and the driver was burned. The two trucks were moving in a column and the tanker, perhaps, hit the truck moving in front of it “, the prosecutor’s office explained.

There are several versions of the accident – the driver of the truck was asleep or sick, it is possible that he was spotted by another driver. It will also be investigated whether the dead driver died before the accident. There are witnesses to the incident who will be questioned.

The traffic on the road to Sofia has been restored, and the one to Plovdiv will be released when the procedural-investigative actions and the inspection of the scene are completed. Smoking is also controlled.

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Viewers of NOVA sent videos from the scene of the incident in our column “My news”, which shows that thick black smoke floats over the highway. A column of cars has formed, waiting on the spot.

We are also waiting for your signals in our “My News” section. HERE.

Reporters: Marina Malasheva, Dobromir Nikolov

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