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a religious establishment suspected of “communitarianism” closed

The prefecture of Seine-Saint-Denis closes an Islamic educational establishment in Bobigny in Seine-Saint-Denis. The Tarbiya Institute is suspected of communitarianism.

The institute Tarbiya, un Islamic educational establishment in the city of Bobigny has been closed, the prefecture of the department of Seine-Saint-Denis announced on Thursday.

This decision by the prefect follows an administrative check that took place on Wednesday. Numerous irregularities with regard to the regulations for the collective reception of minors and fire safety have been noted“wrote the prefecture on Twitter.

The prefecture accuses the institute Educationwhich is housed within the Campus Formations et Métiers de Bobigny, the absence of a prefectural authorization for the reception of minors, the lack of training of the supervisors as well as numerous defects concerning the educational and pedagogical project.

Furthermore, the agents of control”have observed that the activities carried out within the association clearly fell within the scope of communitarian practices. In this regard, a police source interviewed by AFP mentioned “the clothes of boys and girls” as well as “from drawings where there was no face.“Thus, the control officers have established that the activities of the association”were contrary to the values ​​of the Republic“carried by the law of August 24, 2021 otherwise known as the law against separatism. A law which relates, among other things, to the structuring of the exercise of religious worship in public places.

Significant breaches of safety rules were also noted. These relate to regulations against fires and in the event of panic movements.

The prefecture notes an occupancy rate of the premises that does not comply with the authorized and declared reception capacity.

During the check, 80 children were supervised by four adults without prefectural authorization, a police source told AFP.

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