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DAs soon as the words “first prize” followed by her name were spoken, Ms. Allard simply floated on a cloud. She couldn’t believe what was happening to her.

“I have been buying tickets since the very beginning of the draw. To see that I win a prize, the biggest in addition, for the first time, it is not explicable. It’s like a dream! », Launched the lady, who joked before the drawing to have won only one hair iron in all his life.

As a result, Ms. Allard had the choice between a mini-house, a motorhome or $ 100,000 in cash. Although she had a week to choose, her decision had been made long before she knew she was the big winner: she will take the money.

“I’m going to share the pot with my children,” Jacqueline Allard hastened to explain. This generosity does not come from nowhere, whereas the lady was involved 33 years as a volunteer at the CHUS and was a long time member of the parish choirs.

“I believe that what happens to me is a reward for these good things that I have done,” says Ms. Allard.


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