A rain and lightning storm falls in La Paz and El Alto – El País

After 6:15 p.m. over the cities of La Paz and El Alto, rain broke out with electrical storms and a mini tornado.

The sky is cloudy over the city of La Paz, while from El Alto they report a mini tornado and low temperatures.

According to the director of the National Service of Meteorology and Hydrology (SENAMHI), Hugo Mamani, this mini tornado was reported in the areas of Río Seco and San Roque.

“It’s a mini tornado that spawned in the city of El Alto, it’s not relevant, but you need to have a view of this type of event. It is due to the difference in temperatures, because there are two masses of temperatures that collide and generate cloud cover of this type, vertical cloud cover generates this type of event,” Mamani indicated.

Images of this climatic effect circulate on social networks and have captured the attention of internet users.

The storm caused a power outage in some neighborhoods of La Paz such as Alto Irpavi.

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