A plan has been developed for the provision of Covid-19 to patients with a need for other medical services

A plan has been developed to ensure the provision of medical services in medical institutions for Covid-19 positive patients who need other types of treatment, TV3 News reports.

Less than 1.5% of new cases were detected last week, which is almost 60% more than a week earlier. For the first time, the proportion of newly detected cases has exceeded 4% during the week. It is also worrying that the incidence is rising in hospitals and social care centers.

“This is important because social care institutions and medical institutions where patients or clients with special needs are located or are particularly weak. And they run the risk that the disease may become more severe in the event of an infection, ”said Yuri Perevoshchikov, director of the Infectious Diseases Risk Analysis and Prevention Department at SPKC.

Currently, 197 Covid-19 patients are being treated in hospitals. Most of them – in the Eastern Clinical University Hospital. The management of the institution says that the situation is currently stable and there is enough free space.

Riga East Clinical University Hospital board member Aleksejs Višņakovs

“We currently have just over 60% of our beds for Covid-19 patients. And it must be said that a large number of patients recover and discharge at home every day. ”

At the same time, it was agreed that as of Friday, October 30, the admission of patients to the Eastern Clinical University and the regional hospital was planned so that 15% of the beds would be available for the admission of seriously ill patients. From 30 October, regional and university hospitals will have to provide a 15% free bed fund for new emergency patients with any illness.

“We cannot allow the situation that the Emergency Service has brought the patient to the hospital and the hospital says for some reason that the patient can no longer be admitted,” said Daina Mūrmane-Umbraško, State Secretary of the Ministry of Health (MFA).

This approach is supported by the management of the Emergency Service, as patients with a milder course of the disease are already being taken to Pieriga hospitals.

Liene Cipule, Director of the Emergency Medical Service

“Patients who are chronic patients who have an exacerbation of a chronic illness and need hospitalization to perform additional diagnostics or prescribe therapy, which could then be continued at home and do not require a high level of emergency care, are referred to Pieriga hospitals. “

Hospitals will also have to set up so-called transit wards, where patients will stay until the Covid-19 test. A plan has also been developed to ensure the provision of medical services in Covid-19 positive patients who require other types of treatment.

It has been agreed that outpatient facilities will set specific times and locations, as well as know which services patients can sign up for.

The list of these institutions will be available on the National Health Service’s website from Monday.


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