Home News A passenger attacks the crew of a plane in flight to Newark

A passenger attacks the crew of a plane in flight to Newark

A passenger who went to the cockpit of an airplane during a flight, knocking heavily on the door before assaulting a flight attendant and confronting agents at Newark airport, faces aggravated charges of aggravating and other crimes, according to media reports

Matthew Dingley, 28, of New York, was arrested Thursday for injuring the flight attendant and six agents, including one who was hospitalized with fractures in four ribs.

A passenger on the flight of United Airlines from Washington, D.C., to Newark told NBC that the incident began when Dingley quickly headed to the cabin and began knocking hard at the door. Passenger Mike Egbert added that Dingley then assaulted a flight attendant who tried to intervene. Other passengers on the flight came to help the assistant and managed to control the situation, according to Egbert.

The man lashed out at the agents once the plane landed in Newark, causing them to fall from the boarding stairs that led to the plane, Scott Ladd, spokesman for the Port Authority, told the NJ.com website.

Soon after, the agents were able to reduce Dingley. The injured officers and the flight attendant were taken to a hospital.

“He raised a policeman and threw the policeman,” Egbert told NBC. “If I could have entered that cabin, God will know what would have happened.”

Dingley was accused of aggravating assault, illicit intrusion, resisting arrest and affecting transportation. It is unknown for now if you have a lawyer, according to media reports.

He is being held at the Essex County Correctional Center.



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