a new video by Lance McDonald

After analyzing in great detail many of the content cut from the final version of Bloodborne, the YouTuber Lance McDonald returns to operate on the popular stock.

Developed by the team FromSoftware led by Hidetaka Miyazaki, the exclusive PlayStation 4 immediately earned a special place in the hearts of many gamers. Although with several years on its shoulders, the game boasts an active community, able to try its hand at organizing special events in spite of the time that has passed since the debut of Bloodborne.

While many await a possible announcement of a sequel, the Hunting a Yharnam still fascinates the public, with a large audience of enthusiasts who follow with pleasure the contents created by Lance McDonald. On the eve of the debut of PlayStation 5, and on the wave of rumor about a Bloodborne Remastered, the content creator has signed a new video. Available at the beginning of this news, the video represents a demonstration of what could be the performances of a Bloodborne with frame rate a 60 fps.

The gameplay shown, reports Lance McDonald, was recorded on one PlayStation 4 Pro. By leveraging their skills and studying the patches of improvement introduced on the mid-gen console with Dark Souls III, the enthusiast has obtained for his own private use the results that you can see in the video.

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