“A new impetus to strengthen relations”.. The anticipation of the Arab-Chinese summit between interactions

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Observers’ eyes are on the Saudi capital, Riyadh, on Friday, where the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will host two Gulf-Chinese and Arab-Chinese summits, amid interaction between activists on social average.

And the official Saudi news agency released a report stating: “The convening of the Arab-Chinese Summit for Cooperation and Development in Riyadh at this time is an important cooperation mechanism to develop means of exchange and experiences between the Arab and Chinese worlds and to address current international challenges and changes, be they political, economic or cultural, including the benefits for Arab countries, China and the world as a whole.

And he continued: “This important historic summit also represents a new impetus to strengthen and develop the Arab-Chinese relations, in the light of the current international changes, and an opportunity to dedicate the historic Arab-Chinese relations, deepen cooperation in all fields and enhance exchanges between civilizations in each of them, and work side by side to build the Arab-Chinese community for a common future towards a new era.

And the Saudi agency underlined that “the leaders of the Arab countries and China intend, through this summit, to plan joint cooperation for the future, push to improve the quality and level of Arab-Chinese relations and develop more consensus among the two sides in global governance, development, security, civil dialogue and other important issues”.

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