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A new eating disorder – This is what it is – 2024-03-11 03:55:00

ARFID stands for eating avoidance and restriction disorder.

Eating avoidance and restriction disorder (ARFID) is a new eating disorder diagnosis for children, adolescents and adults.

ARFID stands for avoidant-restrictive food intake disorder.

ARFID means difficult selective eating or eating fears that threaten growth, weight development and nutritional status or cause significant psychosocial harm.

An article in the medical journal Duodecim states that ARFID has many causes. It is associated with a strong inherited predisposition and developmental specificity, sometimes also frightening eating situations.

Eating avoidance and restriction disorder is often associated with chronic diseases, mental health symptoms and features of the autism spectrum.

Trying new flavors and foods can seem scary or downright impossible. ADOBE STOCK / AOP

Food scares me

Based on a Finnish population survey, 34 percent of 9-12-year-olds eat selectively, and 14 percent of them are afraid of new foods. Picky eating in childhood is mostly a harmless and self-limiting phenomenon.

According to Duodecim’s article, the prevalence of actual ARFID in childhood and adolescence has been 0.5-15.5 percent in population surveys and 0.8-4.5 percent in adults.

About half of those diagnosed with ARFID are boys or men.

According to Duodecim magazine, the taste, texture, mouth feel, smell, appearance or temperature of food can affect eating and limit the diet.

Fear of the consequences of eating can develop, for example, due to illnesses. An accident, a piece stuck in the throat or an allergic reaction can also cause a fear of eating.

Unpleasant feeling

According to an article in the Duodecim magazine, a person with ARFID symptoms is often quite sensitive to the feeling of fullness in the stomach, swelling and stretching of the intestine. He may find these sensations very unpleasant and therefore avoid them.

Body image disturbance or weight loss efforts are not typically part of the ARFID disorder. Many people diagnosed with ARFID have anxiety and depression.

ARFID can be treated and prevented in many different ways.

Patients with mild symptoms can be evaluated and treated in primary care, but severe eating avoidance and restriction disorder requires multiprofessional treatment. This is also related to the support and guidance received and provided by loved ones.

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