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An iPhone is worth much more on the black market than an average mobile phone running the Android system, and this also applies to the legal second-hand market. Most thieves cannot be called smartphone experts at all, so they are not necessarily aware that a Samsung mobile can cost as much or even more than an iPhone. This may be the explanation for the strange story that we will tell you below!

Last month, a very strange, but no less sad, incident happened to a married couple in Washington DC. The husband had just arrived home from work early in the morning when he called his wife to meet in front of their apartment building, where the gentleman intended to park his car. The wife remembers what happened then:

As soon as my husband parked the car, he was approached by two masked men with guns in their hands. They robbed him, took everything he had in his pockets, took the keys to my truck, then got in and drove away.

One of the thieves approached the couple on foot, while the other drove a BMW. The wife also added that the robbers took her husband’s smartphone and then did something very strange:

They looked at the phone and said: is it an Android (mobile)? We don’t need that. I thought it was an iPhone.

After that, the device was returned to the husband, who was completely shocked. Although the incident took place in just a few seconds and the man did get his phone back, several valuables were taken from the couple, including the aforementioned truck. According to the wife, the vehicle was essential for their livelihood, she used it to deliver food, so even though they didn’t get the device back, they were still cut short.

Source: PhoneArena

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