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A local food tech expands to Chile and Brazil

Regarding the arrival in Brazil and Chile, Rouillon explained that they are markets with great potential. “We are thinking of starting in Santiago de Chile, which has a metropolitan area of ​​more than 7 million inhabitants, and in São Paulo, which has an area of ​​influence of 20 million people,” he said.

He explained that they will be making a direct landing with the same business model that they have in Rosario, Buenos Aires and Córdoba, that is, all sales will be online, with new stores: frizata.cl and frizata.com .br. “Consumers go online, buy and receive at home in the coverage area that we are going to gradually define and expand. In each country we are putting together the teams to work on marketing, logistics, the administrative part and management with local teams ”, he said.

Rouillón also said that they will arrive in Chile with an offer of more than 50 products and in Brazil with a little more, some 70 products, with the plan of continuing to expand and expand the portfolio. “We are thinking of putting the Chilean store online in March and the Brazilian one in April,” he said.

What’s New

On the line of “Meat Free” products that recreate the experience of meat, but without meat, now the company has FriEmpanadas, a new bet of the brand that comes to offer more variety for those who seek to reduce the consumption of meat, available in beef and chicken version. Both are vegetarian and their protein source comes from plants. “Empanadas are part of Argentine culture; It is a rich product, easy to cook and practical to eat that could not be missing from our Meat Free line ”, explains Adolfo Rouillon, co-founder of Frizata.

Attentive to the demands of its clients, the greatest effort of the Frizata R&D team was put into ensuring that the structure and texture in vegetable meat replicate the experience of its peers of animal origin. “Another point in the development were the aroma and flavor notes on which we worked to achieve an excellent experience at the time of consumption. Once the texture, visual appearance, color, aroma and flavor have been achieved, we work on a homemade recipe so that the FriEmpanadas are irresistible ”, he added.


According to a study by the Argentine Beef Promotion Institute (IPCV), almost a third of Argentines are reducing their meat consumption. The study indicates that they tend to be more women than men, and it intensifies between the ages of 16 and 25.

This trend is worldwide. According to a Euromonitor International health and nutrition survey, 21% of consumers in the world are also trying to limit their meat intake. Sales of meat substitutes are estimated to move about $ 23 billion by 2023.

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