A life advances May 22: Aurelio blackmails Soledad

Aurelio / A life

Aurelio / A life (photo by Mediaset)

After a new discussion with Rosina about the restaurant, Carmen silences her partner by tickling her vanity: he asks her to take care of public relations, presenting it as the most important assignment, so that she can manage the place with a certain independence.

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When Alodia tells her she intends to give the baby up for adoption, Bellita disagrees at all and assures her that the Dominguezes will look after the baby as if he were a grandchild.

While the neighbors discover that Soledad is wanted by the police for eliminating Felicia, Aurelio blackmails the maid: if she does not agree to carry out a murder, he will abandon her to her fate. Later, the woman sets out to spy on Marcos and Pierre Caron.

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