A large group of children from the Santa María school confined by the positive result of a monitor from the dining room | Radio Aranda

First collective confinement in the school environment in La Ribera: a large group of boys and girls from Santa Maria School who go to the school cafeteria have been isolated in their homes since this Thursday after they have given positive for coronavirus a monitor of this service. Although there is still no official data on the exact number of affected students, it could be one of about thirty students who are in between second and sixth grade and they share the same dining room where they are served by the same staff. These schoolchildren have not returned to the classrooms on Thursday after the positive test result of this worker was known yesterday afternoon, who, while waiting for the test, no longer joined her job this Wednesday.

The affected schoolchildren are awaiting the PCR test. It seems that in principle those who give a negative result will be able to go back to the classroom without the need for a second test, although families and the school are still waiting for confirmation from the health officials.

Confinement does not affect the smallest children in the dining room, of infantile and first of primary, since are cared for in a different room and by different personnel. Nor does it affect the rest of the companions of the infected worker, since they are not considered close contacts, in principle, having used a mask at all times and having respected safety measures at work. On the contrary, children are potential contacts of the monitor since for obvious reasons they are without a mask during the time that the meal lasts.

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