A hidden symptom indicating infection with corona

12:00 PM

Monday 19 October 2020


Some Corona patients reported strange symptoms in the sense of hearing, the most important of which is temporary hearing loss or the presence of ringing in the ears. Earlier this week, a British man with Corona infection suffered temporary hearing loss, in addition to a ringing in his left ear.

Scientists from University College London and the Royal National Hospital for the Throat, Nose and Ear said that there is a relationship between the symptoms of hearing and the Corona virus, which has not been shed much light yet, according to the “24” website.

The scientists wrote in their reports: “Hearing loss and tinnitus are symptoms that have been seen in patients who suffer from the Corona virus and the influenza virus. Given the wide spread of the virus among the population and the occurrence of cases of hearing loss, it is important to conduct more studies on this matter.”

Scientists emphasized that tinnitus does not necessarily mean infection with the Corona virus, and it may be due to diabetes, anxiety, or some types of medication, and it can be treated with a series of treatments available for these cases.

According to the scientists, it is more likely that the tinnitus is caused by infection with the Corona virus, if it is accompanied by other symptoms of infection, according to what was reported by the British Express newspaper.


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