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A fire in Rubiá burns 130 hectares Radio Ourense

A fire broke out in Rubiá shortly after six in the afternoon on Thursday, August 12, in the Valdeorras region. According to the latest measurements, it amounts to 130 hectares of burned lands, in a day, in which the province is in extreme risk from high temperatures.

The great column of smoke allowed the fire to be seen from different parts of the province and even from Ponferrada and areas of León. So far, numerous land and air media have participated, among them is the BRIF of Laza.

A fire that coincides with the start of Operation Sentinel, which will involve the deployment of 30 Army patrols in the mountains to collaborate with the surveillance and prevention of fires. The Regional Minister for Rural Affairs, José González, recalled that, With this reinforcement, the personnel dedicated to fire reaches 7,000 troops.

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