a facilitator tested positive for coronavirus in Châteauroux

A facilitator from the Frontenac school in Châteauroux has just tested positive for the coronavirus. This summer, she participated in the learning holiday scheme, intended to prevent children from dropping out of school in Indre. after the closure for a few months of schools during the health crisis.

In order to avoid any risk of contamination, in a press release from Châteauroux Métropole, it is specified that the device was closed with discussions with the prefecture of Indre and the Regional Health Agency. The activities organized by the eight schools, still active, during the summer period are stopped. The Frontenac school, where the coronavirus case was detected, will be disinfected. As a precaution, all other schools in the city will also be.

Screening tests carried out on all facilitators

According to Châteauroux Métropole, “All of the barrier measures and health prescriptions were scrupulously followed in the establishment. However, some animators having spent one or more private evenings together, it was agreed to test all the animators at the Frontenac school”. The screening operation will take place next Thursday.

Children will not be affected by these tests.

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