Few people know that eating this delicious winter vegetable could help prevent cancer

Cold seasons are upon us and temperatures are starting to drop. It is the right time to revolutionize our lunches and dinners. Caprese and the ham and melon combo give way to minestrone, soups, soups, and seasonal vegetables. The perfect parterre of vegetables for the winter consists of spinach, savoy cabbage, cabbage, broccoli, Roman cabbage and Brussels sprouts.

The family is that of cruciferous trees that possess very important beneficial properties.

Few, in fact, know that eating this delicious winter vegetable could help in the prevention of cancer.

These mini cabbages are rich in antioxidants including thiocyanates, indoles, and sulforaphane which gives them the particular smell. The latter have little resistance to water and cooking. This is why it is advisable to cook them with short cooking, with little water and try to keep them crunchy.

These values ​​that are detoxifying for our body are important in the fight against cancer.

Few people know that eating this delicious winter vegetable could help prevent cancer

In one studio done on more than 20 thousand subjects, a link has been shown between the intake of sprouts and other cruciferous plants and the onset of tumors, especially of the digestive tract. Who does not eat the vegetables from this family has a higher chance of developing oncological diseases. In particular to the colon, al otherwise, prostate and digestive organs.

Furthermore, crucifers can also be very influential in the course of the thyroid. They are in fact rich in substances, called goitrogens, which help to decrease the production of the thyroid hormone.

In particular, red cabbage and Brussels sprouts are rich in goitrogen. For those suffering from hypothyroidism, attention must be paid to the inclusion of large quantities of these substances in their diet.

Like all vegetables, they are essential in a healthy and balanced diet. It is therefore recommended to serve them at the table several times a week.

Perfect for fall recipes

They are also excellent and versatile, suitable for adults and children. What you eat from sprouts or Brussels sprouts is the sprout of the plant. Just clean the so-called “heads” from excess leaves and boil in a pot for half an hour. The strong smell that will explode in the house will warn us that the dish is ready.

But also in a pan, parmigiana style with a sprinkling of breadcrumbs, I boiled with a drizzle of oil and a pinch of salt. Excellent is the idea of ​​blending them and mixing them with oil and a little mashed potatoes to create one velvety. In short, this vegetable with a name that remains in mind is perfect for every daily meal. It does not fail to make a good impression as a nice side dish if we have guests for dinner. And its nutritional values ​​are excellent. We just have to go and buy it!

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