A difficult stage in the life of a beloved millionaire Oleg Fil – visits the “best doctors” and psychotherapists – Celebrities – Apollo.lv – Entertainment

She posted a footage telling her what she had been through lately.

“I don’t try to catch everything anymore, meet everyone and go through every detail. I probably learned to say – NO.

This was a strange period in my life. I burned out.

To me? But I can do even more! I probably can’t.

Thanks to everyone who wrote to me privately and to my loved ones! I feel MUCH better and hope to return to the “queue” soon! I answered many who helped me and will continue to answer you. (Motivational books, best doctors, psychotherapists, etc.)

Protect your nerves! “Wrote Jelinska.

In the comments, the people wished the woman a speedy recovery and self-care.


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