A call to declare a state of health emergency!

The head of the Doctors Syndicate, Professor Youssef Bakhash, issued a statement saying: “For the necessity of declaring a state of health emergency and adopting a modern hospital policy that takes into account the interests of the doctor and the patient alike, and takes into account the stormy economic and monetary developments in the country, as well as the purchasing power of the patient.”

He pointed out that, “medicine is first and foremost a sublime message in its general sense and a message of love, sacrifice, service and giving, but this does not mean that it be at the expense of the doctor, nurse, or worker in the medical sector or at the expense of the patient, and from here we have to come up with solutions in cooperation with medical expatriation and associations.” Medical, scientific and countries willing to provide aid to this vital sector.

He added, “We are approaching conferences and health and medical activities in various Lebanese regions and districts, in which foreign doctors and nurses of Lebanese origin participate, in cooperation with students from various Lebanese colleges and university hospitals, which enhances cooperation between the Lebanese medical expatriate and the Lebanese medical community, which made the decision to stay and stand firm.” “.

He continued, “This cooperation is encouraged by the Lebanese Medical Syndicate in Beirut and is working to develop and document it through the establishment of a virtual platform dedicated to this purpose, aimed at facilitating communication between colleagues wherever they are to transfer knowledge and to maintain the medical level in Lebanon, which has always been distinguished and will continue thanks to the cooperation projects it undertakes.” The Syndicate works with the various associations of doctors of Lebanese origin in the countries of the diaspora to strengthen the ties between them with the homeland Lebanon and with their mother syndicate, in the service of the Lebanese citizen and the human being.

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