94% FVD voters happy with Baudet – The Daily Standard

This week was all about the hectic pace at Forum for Democracy, which is why it is not surprising that the Sunday Maurice de Hond are about the chaos at the party. The dog concludes in his research that Forum with Nanninga is good for 3 to 4 seats, Forum with Baudet is also good for 3 to 4 seats. In the meantime, 94% of the Forum respondents support Thierry Baudet.

De Hond concludes the following:

“About a third of those who now indicate that FVD will vote with Baudet as party leader, would also do so if Eerdmans or Nanninga were the party leader. it matters more what exactly comes out of the internal battle at FVD, a better result on March 17th than 3 to 4 seats seems unfeasible. With Baudet or with Eerdmans or Nanninga, that doesn’t really matter. And if Eerdmans and Nanninga were to found a new party, that party will not get a higher score than 2 to 3 and that will partly also be deducted from FVD. ”

The fight within the party does not really bring any big profit to anyone, as De Hond describes it, both sides are currently only able to win four seats.

Despite last week’s fierce battle, and the numerous negative reports surrounding the person Baudet, 94% of the Forum supporters continue to trust a politician like Baudet. The respondents are clear: politics needs a person like Baudet.

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