90 percent of the destinations: Lufthansa is planning a short-haul comeback by September

The airlines in the Lufthansa Group are recovering from the crisis and expanding their flight plans. On the short distance, the number of destinations should quickly rise to almost normal levels.

From the middle of June things will go up. The Lufthansa Group announced in mid-May that 1,800 weekly connections to more than 130 destinations worldwide would be offered again. Meanwhile, Lufthansa, Swiss, Austrian and Co. are even more optimistic and plan with 2000 weekly connections, as the group said on Wednesday (June 3).

The medium-term planning is also becoming more specific: “Yesterday the Management Board decided to offer up to 40 percent of the originally planned capacity again in September,” the company writes. “The number of destinations simultaneously increases to 70 percent of the original long-haul and 90 percent short-haul plans.”

In 2021 there were still 300 planes on the ground

The airlines in the Lufthansa Group are working on gradually expanding their flight plans for the next three months. The company makes it clear that the focus is less on business travelers. “The course that has already been taken to expand its tourist offer will be accelerated,” said Lufthansa.

While the Lufthansa airlines temporarily parked 700 of their 763 aircraft, the return of 80 planes is currently underway. The group expects 300 aircraft to remain on the ground in 2021 and 200 in 2022.

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