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9 New Gen Z Beauty Trends

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A few months ago the ‘millennial’ foundations began to be threatened by the arrival of upcycled beauty trends that, after 20 years in oblivion, generation Z has been in charge of recovering. Now, in 2022, all of them consolidate their positions in favor of gestos ‘beauty’ that many of us thought were extinct. Especially all those from the first decade of the 21st century: the hated and loved in equal measure years 2000. known as style ‘2YK’, is a movement that affects both the field of fashion and beauty and that, despite the fact that many fell by the wayside in 2021, this time they come strong and they are already the most famous. Something that the ‘millennial’ generation has not taken so well and that, however, admits countless styles and easily adaptable variations for everyone.

9 recycled trends from the 2000s that are coming back this year

As you’ve probably noticed by now, pretty much everything that goes viral it is likely to evolve into a trend, especially in terms of beauty. And that is precisely what is happening both in the field of makeup as in hairstyles. Makeup and hairstyles that have a common denominator and it is the one that recalls many of the styles that we left buried at the beginning of the century and that, however, today, rise from their ashes in the most explosive way. We are talking about the return of hair accessories like fabric headbands or clips, but also from lower outlined in bright colors and even new (and not so new) ways to wear an ‘eyeliner‘ or the eye shadows. All this courtesy of the considered generation of the future and that, against all odds, already endorsed by some of the big firms in fashion on their own catwalks.

take note of 9 of the trends of beauty with which the year 2022 gives the ultimate authority to generation Z and, more specifically, to their favorite inspiration, the years 2000.

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The return of the fabric headband

Although Kylie Jenner made an effort to consolidate it as a trend already in 2019, it was not until 2022 that the experts They have endorsed his return. And it is that the fabric headband It is once again one of the most sought-after hair accessories, thus banishing much of the popularity that XL clips had achieved. They are already the most usual in the world ‘street style’ and, very soon, also on your dressing table. Do not lose sight of them.

No fear of neon

After a few years with the powdery tones in the focus of all eyes, the neon tints They return to star in makeup and manicures more protagonists. To be more exact, these eye-catching pigments are going strong in terms of eye shadows, as you can clearly see in this image of Selena Gomez. Combine them with your trusted ‘eyeliner’ and keep your lips in the background, with some ‘nude’ and bright lipstick.

Picked up in the purest ‘2YK’ style

Like many of the trends that are here to stay, it should be noted that this type of high semi-updo It is a clear legacy of the Kardashian-Jenner sisters. However, and despite the fact that ‘celebrities’ of the stature of Hailey Bieber or Jennifer Lopez herself have also worn it, it was not until this year that this drastic hairstyle assumes control of the situation (and of the ‘street style’). Directly extracted from early 2000s and with clear reminiscences to its most recent authors, it favors much more if you release two front locks in the purest ‘efforltess’ style.

Goodbye to artificial blonde?

And speaking of hair… Did you know that the artificial blonde is less and less popular among the new generations? Many of the ‘it girls’ on the international scene return to their original chestnut thus banishing any kind of coloring technique That implies looking blonder. In fact, the most drastic trend in this sense ensures that it is a ‘cancelled’ trend and that naturalness prevails over anything else.

Lower and multi-colored liner

It all started with the sudden rise of inverted outline to achieve the coveted ‘foxy’ look. And, from there, the trend has evolved to recover colored eye pencils. These are the ones in charge of adding a more special touch to makeup from a striking stroke in the lower lash line. As worn in the early 2000s, usually to match the eyes or the look of the day.

Collected with airs 90’s

If the return of the cloth headband has been taken from the 2000s, this type of updo has an older origin, in the minimalists 90s. Both coexist in the most natural way in the ‘feeds’ of the new style icons. However, the inspiration not only comes from the last decade of the 20th century, but also from international references that have been warning us of this for a long time, as is the case with Bella Hadid. The trick? Polish the hair back and collect the rest with an XL clip, typical of its years of origin. It doesn’t fail.

The ‘scrunchies’… Back?

Another trend that we recover from the 90s are the ‘scrunchy’ type collars. Remember how Rachel Green adored them and a decade later Carrie Bradshaw couldn’t even see them? Well, this year they coexist with trends from the 2000s and they do it in the most natural way possible. suppose a very ‘effortless’ touch in any updo with which you feel favored, from a very high ponytail, through a more romantic semi-updo and even as the final touch of any type of braid.

The evolution of the ‘foxy eyes’

If there was one way to line the eyes that went viral in 2021, it was the most puro estilo ‘foxy eyes‘. With Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner as firm ambassadors of the coveted ‘lifting’ effect, this 2022 experiences a variation very much in line with the new trends. We talk about the graphic outlines, perfectly compatible with the effect we are looking for but with a very more artistic and elaborate.

Sombras ‘color-block’

But if the pulse has never been your thing and getting a traditional ‘eyeliner’ is already a real triumph for you, don’t worry because color-block style shadows they are much easier to get and have the same trend guarantee as the latter. All you have to do is select a colour and simply cover the entire eyelid with it. This 2022 takes, especially, in brighter shades which, luckily, combine perfectly with the coveted brown lipsticks more nineties.

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