83-year-old Jeon Joon-joo “10 years holding stocks return 600%, the secret of investment… ”

[매일경제 스타투데이 진향희 기자]

‘Queen Ant’ Jeon Joon-joo (83) shared his unique investment know-how.

In Chapter 3 of Kakao TV’s’Ant Is Tonight’, which aired on the morning of the 24th,’Queen Ant’, a hidden legend in the Korean stock industry, was recently invited to young Jurin as the first special guest.

With 35 years of experience in stock investment, Jeon Joon-ju is a protagonist who is attracting hot attention as a hidden advocate of financial technology, such as holding 3 billion won in assets and publishing two books related to stocks with wise stock investment and thorough saving spirit. Since investing in stocks with 5.5 million won in seed money in 1987, it has made purchases and savings, including stocks in 2000, and said that it currently has a fortune of about 3 billion won.

On this day, power stocks drew attention by revealing the story of financial technology from the moment when they started stocks to becoming’Queen Ant’.

The story of Jeon Won-ju, a living witness of Korea’s stock history, tells the story of how I realized the importance of money during the war as a child, and how I traded stocks in an analog way when I didn’t even have a smartphone. She shouted “and showed respect.

In particular, Jeon-Jeon-ju caused admiration by revealing that it has achieved a whopping 600% of the company’s stocks for more than 10 years, and a whopping 600% of the company’s stocks that appear in their related search terms have been achieved.

He made it impossible for him to take his eyes off his eyes by revealing his own unique secrets, including an excellent eye for making investment decisions and the secret to holding a reliable stock for a long time.

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In the broadcast that appeared earlier, Jeon Won-ju also said, “I save 9/10 of my income, but I am patiently looking for something to invest.” As the return on investment was about 60~70%, people told me to sell it, but I have it for 20 years.”

In addition, on this day’s broadcast, he drew attention by introducing the spirit of economy. He recommends home training as a tip to save heating costs and saves water even in public baths. He introduced a history of bargaining for accommodation costs in the region where he visited on schedule, and made the cast members open mouth.

In addition, from stock quotes to stock admiration and stock quiz shows, the ‘3 combo’ stock talk gave laughter.

During the conversation, he made a relay of quotes from deep thoughts such as’Don’t like luxury goods, people become luxury goods’ and’When you get older, open the money zipper and close the mouth zipper’, while revealing that he has his own stock investment contemplation method, the cast members’ stocks He surprised everyone by accurately interpreting the contemplation.

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