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$8 million contract for the New York subway

A Quebec company has been selected to carry out a major $8 million contract for the New York subway.

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Poitras Industries was chosen to build the exterior glass and stainless steel cladding for 12 New York City subway elevators. This is the first allocated part of a global contract of $200 million that she covets for the next few years.

The company has previously worked for the Metropolitan Transit Agency. She notably produced the brass display boards at the iconic Grand Central Terminal station.

“It wasn’t necessarily big volume, but it was more contracts to showcase us there,” said Guillaume W. Chabot, president.


Guillaume W. Chabot, Poitras Industries


Courtesy picture

Guillaume W. Chabot, Poitras Industries

thriving market

One thing leading to another, the Quebec company, which employs 35 people, forged business ties with other partners that led it to bid on larger contracts. Poitras Industries completed its first contract in the New York subway in 2017.

For the time being, there is talk of a dozen elevators, but the prospects for the future are very interesting since the sum of $5.2 billion has been granted by the American government to renovate the stations in order to make and to keep sites accessible to people with reduced mobility.

Lucrative market

The Quebec company arrives with a pre-assembled solution, which reduces installation times. Same thing for the elevator shafts which will be prefabricated. For the steel portion, Poitras is working with an American partner, but all the exterior cladding will be done at the Quebec plant.

Deliveries begin in September 2022 and continue until October 2023. The SME is already waiting for other contracts. The New York subway has 427 stations.

“That doesn’t mean they’re going to give them all to us, but we’re trying to position ourselves well. Are we going to get all that in the next five years? I would like it, but it’s not signed,” adds Mr. Chabot.

The company works with firms such as Billings Jackson Design and MKJ Communications in New York.

Closer to home, the SME is involved in work near the Pierre-Laporte bridge and on the new chemin des Quatre-Bourgeois viaduct, to provide protective screens made with architectural metal and glass.


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