700 million whole body plastic surgery Demi Moore, how has it changed…

Demi Moore’s recent photos-Galmoori on Instagram

Demi Moore (58), a famous Hollywood actor, was caught up in plastic surgery again.

On the 26th (local time), Demi Moore posted a photo on her Instagram.

In the released photo, Demimoore poses with a leopard patterned beret and thin-rimmed glasses.. In particular, he drew attention by showing off his wrinkle-free skin.

There were a lot of comments from fans such as “looks like a teenager” and “looks like a doll” on the photo, but some reactions say, “I think I have undergone skin surgery.”

Earlier, Demi Moore attracted attention with a completely changed appearance on the runway of the’Fendi’ fashion show held in Paris last January. At the time, he was engulfed in plastic theory with deeply dent cheeks and tight skin.

Earlier, Demi Moore is famous for having a full body plastic surgery with more than 700 million won. Last year, it was reported that he had undergone plastic surgery to remove the sagging flesh above the knee.

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