7 causes of stiff and tingling fingers

KOMPAS.com – Fingers stiff and tingling it can be caused by many things.

Very good Cheers he said this condition occurs when nerves in the thumb and hand are blocked by injuries or other health conditions.

If left alone, this stiff, tingling sensation will cause discomfort and disruption to daily activities.

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Know Causes of finger stiffness and tingling which cannot be understated below.

1. Carpal tunnel syndrome

Stiff, tingling fingers can be caused by carpal tunnel syndrome which often occurs when the main nerve in the hand narrows.

Health line say it carpal tunnel syndrome causes a feeling of stiffness in the thumb, index and middle fingers.

The pain that occurs because carpal tunnel syndrome usually worse at night.

There are many causes carpal tunnel syndrome and one of them is the presence of repetitive movements on the hand or wrist, such as using a computer or smartphones.

2. Pinched nerve

Pinched nerves occur in the spinal area due to changes in the bones or joints.

Even if it doesn’t directly affect the hands or fingers, a pinched nerve will also cause numbness, cramping, and stiffness in the hands.

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