7 best Playstation games for 2022, have you played them all?

For gamers, 2022 will be an exciting year. There are several game exciting new release this year. Even if you look in the mirror at the title Game prizes 2022the game nominations in the event are full of the best games!

Especially for games Play station, here is a row of the 7 best Playstation games in 2022. In this list, the Metacritic score is used for reference. Check out the list below!

1. Elden ring

World scale in the Elden Ring. (doc.steam/Elden Ring)

This first game is definitely impossible to lose. Elder Ring is a game released by From Software which is hailed as one of the best games of the year. The world is incredibly detailed, unforgettable fights and boss elements lore or a very interesting story. No wonder this game is nominated Game of the year year 2022!

Skor Metacritic: 96

2. God of War Ragnarok

7 best Playstation games for 2022, have you played them all?God of War Ragnarök still looks great although it can also be played on PS4. (doc. SIE Santa Monica Studio/God of War Ragnarök)

This game is the biggest PlayStation exclusive game of 2022. God of War Ragnarok easily one of the best games thanks to the elements action brutal, history touching and the graphics are very pleasing to the eye. No wonder the sequel God of war 2018 that even includes a strong Game of the Year 2022 winner nomination!

Skor Metacritic: 94

3. Person 5 real

7 best Playstation games for 2022, have you played them all?dok. Steam/Persona 5 Real

Person has long been one of the best JRPGs. Person 5 is a fun game that can take dozens of hours to finish, let alone a series Real this. A series of refinements game this amazing game will give you an exciting adventure that can take up to 100+ hours to complete!

Skor Metacritic: 91

4. Stanley’s Parable: Ultra Deluxe

7 best Playstation games for 2022, have you played them all?dok. Steam/Stanley’s Parable: Ultra Deluxe

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Stanley’s Parable: Ultra Deluxe is the version update from the standard version of the game. Some new content and improved graphics have been added. However, it doesn’t end there, as this version of the Director’s Cut is arguably more like a full sequel to the original game due to its wealth of new content and challenging theme of the illusion of choice.

Skor Metacritic: 89

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5. The Last of Us Part I

7 best Playstation games for 2022, have you played them all?The Last of Us (doc. Naughty Dog/The Last of Us)

Technically, there’s not much that’s really new in The Last of Us, Part I. But for anyone who hasn’t experienced the angst and mystery of this game, update the PS5 version of this game is a must play. The gameplay and story remain the same, but with PS5 graphics and performance behind it. This makes this game feel and look better than before.

Skor Metacritic: 88

6. Forbidden Horizon West

7 best Playstation games for 2022, have you played them all?Horizon Forbidden West (doc. Guerrilla Games/Horizon Forbidden West)

In terms of entertainment, Forbidden Horizon West please feel free to provide as much content as possible for us to enjoy. All the elements from the previous games are still there and better than ever. There is a massive expansion in terms of exploration of the game open world this does Forbidden Horizon West so one of the games worth buying in 2022!

Skor Metacritic: 88

7. Return to Monkey Island

7 best Playstation games for 2022, have you played them all?dok. Steam/Return to Monkey Island

Return to Monkey Island is a point and click game that can evoke our memories of this game genre. This game is full of pleasant nostalgia. Game creator Ron Gilbert, screenwriter Dave Grossman and developer Terrible Toybox have come up with an adventurous sequel that mixes new and old ideas together to create a gripping and thrilling story about the thrills of the high seas wrapped up in a comedic side!

Skor Metacritic: 88

So they were 7 game Playstation with the best Metacritic score in 2022. What games have you played? Or do you have any other recommendations? Let’s write in the comment column!

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