6 Menstrual Delaying Foods You Can Find in the Kitchen

Tuesday, 5 July 2022 – 02:13 WIB

VIVA Lifestyle The process of bleeding from the vagina that occurs every month is often called menstruation or menstruation It is a natural phenomenon for every woman. This is because when you get your period, a woman is ready to reproduce.

During menstruation, pain in the body often occurs, such as cramps in the stomach, backache, and headaches. The pain often hinders daily activities until productivity is reduced.

Not infrequently women wish to delay the menstrual schedule so as not to interfere with activities. Especially if there is an important event. Actually taking special pills can delay menstruation. But keep in mind, taking pills continuously can cause hormonal imbalances.

Illustration of menstruation/menstrual pain.

Therefore, if you want to delay your period, it’s better to do it the natural way, such as eating food or drinks that are claimed to delay menstruation. Although it has not been 100 percent proven effective, eating the foods below also provides other benefits for your body.

Collected by VIVA from various sources, here are 6 foods that are considered to be able to delay menstruation. Don’t worry, this food is easy to find and the price is relatively affordable.


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