5G AIS Shows Intelligent Grid Potential Create business opportunities, move forward to expand the Metaverse, leading Thai people to create their own identity on “Avatar Park”

AIS is the first player who saw the opportunity and caught the Metaverse trend that has come to create excitement in the technological innovation sector, in the business sector and in the communications industry. Using the potential of AIS 5G intelligent network to develop the world’s first virtual shopping mall, V-Avenue.Co, a significant phenomenon that allows the Metaverse industry in Thailand to keep up with the changes of the digital age, including bringing Metaverse Human First person as Nong I, Irene enters as a brand ambassador who joins creating works and delivering digital experiences to customers and Thai people.

Recently, it has once again strengthened its leadership in the world of the Metaverse with Avatar Park (Avatar Park) opened in the middle of last year. which is considered as a new virtual world community for Thai people to create an identity who can choose a character as they wish Along with launching new features that allow Thai people to have the most advanced digital experience For the first time in Thailand through the activity THE RISING METAWIN: THE 1st AVATAR PERFORMANCE, a show by Win Methawin’s TEAM AIS artist, which allows customers and Thai people to meet and chat with new friends in the new world of Metaverse without limits. Including transforming children BNK48 and CGM48 from the film The Cheese Sisters into Avatar, taking turns. to the fans touched shoulders closely

Mr. Pratthana Leelapanang Managing Director General Accounts, AIS said, “Today AIS has elevated the digital experience for Thai people to the next level with AIS 5G smart network technology. Another step is to extend the user experience from the V-Avenue.Co virtual mall at AVATAR PARK , a new community space ready for Thai people to create their own identity.To meet, socialize and chat with new friends in the world of the limitless Metaverse.

In addition, today we continue to update the virtual world to meet the lifestyles of Thai people. and even more the enterprise sector With new functions on the capabilities of the 5G network, users can enter. Interactive, do activities, talk and interact with each other in the virtual world in AVATAR PARK.

What happened to AVATAR PARK this time is the first time in Thailand. able to organize activities in the virtual world interactively, if

• THE RISING METAWIN: THE 1st AVATAR PERFORMANCE, a show by Win Metawin’s TEAM AIS artist that attracts fans or even customers. able to watch live performances by artists who come in the form of avatars

• The Cheese Sisters Meet & Greet on Avatar Park by transforming children BNK48 and CGM48 from the film The Cheese Sisters into Avatar. for fans to closely approach each other

Mr. Pratthana added in the end that “In the past, V-Avenue.Co has attracted partners from various businesses including retail, fashion, restaurants, real estate. We create a digital experience for Thai people to experience shopping in the virtual world with 5G technology, as well as the experience that Thai people will have. Today, we are still open to Entrepreneurs, Private Sector, Government Sector, Corporate Sector who see an opportunity to build customer engagement on Avatar Park, which supports a variety of activities, be it concerts, product launches, trade shows. Fashion shows, meet fans or even create marketing activities. This incident reflects that AIS can use the potential of 5G smart network to seamlessly connect the real world and the virtual world by developing the world of Thailand’s Metaverse to the next level.”

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