50K New York drivers could have license suspended on Dec. 1, DMV warns

Nearly 51,000 drivers across New York could have their driver’s licenses suspended Friday, the state Department of Motor Vehicles warned.

Anyone who renewed their driver’s license during part of the coronavirus pandemic — between March 1, 2020, and Aug. 31, 2021 — and did not submit a vision test will have their license suspended.

A pandemic-era rule allowed drivers to renew their licenses online by temporarily self-certifying their vision test requirement as most DMV offices attempted to limit crowds. Drivers were still required to eventually submit the tests.

Driving with a suspended license in New York can result in a ticket or fines of $200 to $500. It could also result in possible jail time of up to 30 days.

If you don’t want your license suspended, here’s what you have to do:

Step 1: Pass a vision test

  • If you pass a vision test by an approved provider, you do not have to send the vision test results, the provider will enter the results for you.
  • If you pass a vision test from a provider that is not approved to be in DMV’s Vision Registry, your provider must complete a Vision Test Report and you must submit it to the DMV.

Step 2: Submit your completed report

  • Electronically: Fill out and submit a short webform using the information on your completed Vision Test Report .
  • By Mail: DO NOT send anything other than your completed MV-619 to the address: License Production Bureau, PO Box 2688-ESP, Albany, NY 12220-0668, Attn: Vision Registry

For more on how to submit vision tests, click HERE.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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