500 Javelins and Stingers a day needed to defend against Russia – UNIAN

Ukraine has said it could face a potential shortage of weapons amid Russia’s ongoing offensive.


Ukraine over the past few days has updated its list of desirable additional military assistance from the US government to include hundreds more anti-aircraft and anti-tank missiles than previously requested.

This is stated in a document provided by CNN, which details the required items.

Ukrainians have submitted similar lists in recent weeks, but a recent request to US lawmakers appears to reflect a growing need for US-made Stinger anti-aircraft missiles and US-made Javelin anti-tank missiles — Ukraine has said it urgently needs 500 of each daily. – the message says.

In both cases, Ukraine is requesting hundreds more missiles than were included in a similar list recently provided to US lawmakers, according to a source familiar with both requests.

The new list comes after Ukrainians said they could face a potential shortage of weapons amid Russia’s ongoing offensive, prompting some outcry from US and NATO officials who stress that more military aid is already pouring into the country.

By March 7, less than two weeks after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the US and other NATO members had sent about 17,000 anti-tank missiles and 2,000 anti-aircraft missiles to Ukraine.

Since then, NATO countries, including the United States, have supported the supply of weapons and equipment, even as Russia threatened to stop the supply.

The latest $350 million security aid package, approved at the end of February, arrived in Ukraine over the past few days, and the next two packages totaling $1 billion have already begun to arrive, according to a senior Defense Department official.

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US President Joe Biden said on Thursday that “armor systems, ammunition and our weapons are flowing into Ukraine as I speak.” A defense ministry spokesman said it would take “several flights over many days” to get the equipment to Eastern Europe before it enters Ukraine through several land border crossings.

Some lawmakers in Congress believe the US should provide Ukraine with the weapons they request as quickly as possible.

Senator Jackie Rosen, Democrat of Nevada: “They need all the tools to not only survive the war, but to win the war, so we will provide them with air-to-ground missiles, drones, all military support.”

Remember, Britain will provide Ukraine 6,000 new missiles for defense, as well as 25 million pounds of financial support for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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