5 Steps to Keep Your Kids Fit During Extreme Weather


JAKARTAExtreme weather which is predicted to last until the end of March 2021 has an impact on public health , especially children. Children who are in their infancy, prone to flu 3 times more often than adults. That is why several preventive steps are needed so that the child’s body remains fit.

Weitarsa ​​Hendarto, Senior Vice President Marketing & International Operations for Combiphar, said that the impact of climate change, including extreme weather, has consequences for health. Children are more prone to weather-related risks as they generally spend more time outside playing.

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“Children have a different metabolism than adults,” Weitarsa ​​said in a recent written statement.

In principle, according to Weitarsa, children’s health can be maintained if they are in a healthy environment. Therefore, to prepare and maintain the child’s immune system, the most important thing that mothers can do is to adopt healthy habits at home, supported by fulfilling nutritional intake, including utilizing honey and other natural ingredients.

Meanwhile, according to dr. Carlinda Nekawaty, Combiphar Medical Expert, is different from adults, the child’s immune system is not yet perfect and does not yet recognize the millions of disease-causing variables such as bacteria, germs, and viruses. This is what causes children to have the tendency to catch the flu up to 3 times more often than adults.

“Even so, the child’s body will naturally adapt as they grow and develop,” said Carlinda.

However, according to Carlinda, special steps are needed that can increase endurance, while protecting children from disease. One of these steps is to maintain cleanliness. According to him, sources of disease such as viruses that cause flu and diarrhea, as well as dust, smoke and animal hair as allergens, can arise from the dirt that sticks to the child’s body and the environment.



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