5 graphic design books that will blow your mind

  • The various authors included in the recommendations of this work have specialized in graphic design, but in teaching it from a creative and simple angle.

  • With each of the five authors featured in these book recommendations, graphic design is clearly identified in these works.

  • There is a constant need to perform graphic design resources that allow users of this subject to achieve all kinds of goals.

This is a short list of books recommended for you to improve your practice in graphic design.

Eric Olivares and Lia Vilahur took on the task of working on this work, which despite having been published for years, is still the most practical reference for improving your graphic design skills. The authors are convinced that drawing unites technique, practice, sensitivity and creativity, however, in order to represent an idea it is necessary to observe, analyze and synthesize.

The book is the best reference for practice with which you can improve your drawing technique, so that as a graphic designer you can represent ideas either in sketches or working on the presentation of a final proposal.

The duo of Aurélien Farina and Sophie Cure are behind “Graphic Design and Visual Thinking”, a work that delves into this subject in a playful and interactive way, with visual challenges, puzzles and even 32 games and activities. The mission of the book is to help you understand how typography works, posters, signage, as well as visual identity through hobbies, which you will make the most of with the stamps, die-cut templates and colored paper included in the work, where There are 32 exercises divided into four chapters: typography, posters, signage and identity.

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Ellen Lupton is responsible for this work where she explains how through design we can tell powerful stories, thanks to narrative mechanisms that give life to graphic elements.

The series of resources and strategies that Lupton proposes in his work, offers to teach how to narrate with graphics, products, services and experiences, whether planning the design of an app, with editorial design, branding or commercial spaces. The dynamics and the work of visual perception from a narrative point of view are diverse.

Sala Caldas was given the task of preparing a work where he exposes what he considers to be the principles to be able to put together color palettes and with it optimal combinations of these, which serve to achieve successful graphic encodings.

Within Amazon there is a wide range of products that remind us how important a work is, such as the recommended books on graphic design, for talent management.

Fundamentals of graphic design. The 26 principles that every designer should know


In this complete work by Richard Poulin, the author has given himself the task of discovering the principles of graphic design and establishing the foundations that will help all creatives involved in this matter to successfully solve their projects.

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