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5 Benefits of Inviting Children to Play

1. Eliminate boredom for your child and also parents

During WFH, we can feel how tired it is to go back and forth at home. Even children feel it. By playing, can eliminate boredom. As long as you don’t play the game, that’s all Moms. Can make a variety of simple games with your little one so you don’t get bored.

2. Stabilize the emotional level of your child and parents

Adapting to a new atmosphere is easily difficult. Especially for children, who were previously free to play outside the home, and now must be at home. They will feel confined and not free. This can affect the emotional level of children. If your child is fussy, his parents can also get stressed. By playing, it can be fun for children and their parents to be happy.

3. Build strong bonds with your little one

As a working mom, I really feel WFH. Have more time with your little one. Previously they were closer to their grandparents, now they prefer to seek attention with their mother. They are more often demanding to play with me.

4. Increase the creativity of your child and parents

I also feel the benefit from this, you know Moms. I am this type who may not be as creative as other Moms. But because of this WFH, I often practice the play ideas that Moms in Babyo share. Even though the Little One often protests that the shape of the toy is strange but what is important is its effort to make children happy.

5. Can be a good memory for your child

Back again the world of play is the world of the Little One. Ensuring your child grows up is a parent’s duty. Hopefully by playing and the happy little one can become a beautiful memory for them later.

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