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All operators are committed to offering a maximum of different mobile plans. Price, call time capacity or volume of internet data, all of which may vary from one plan to another. Those without commitment these days have the wind in their sails and interest more and more consumers. The ease of activation, use and change of operator are the key elements of “no obligation”. La Poste Mobile and Coriolis Telecom each offer a suitable package with this option. The two operators have also, and this recently, also put their respective packages on promotion.

La Poste Mobile: € 9.99 / month for 30 GB and unlimited calls

Now navigating between telephone subscriptions and internet offers, La Poste has successfully established itself in multiple areas. Communication remains at the heart of its institution, however. With the operator La Poste Mobile, located on the SFR network infrastructure, prices go down and capacity goes up.

The non-binding telephone plan of La Poste Mobile, initially offered at € 14.99 per month, now increases to € 9.99 per month. A price reduction initially of limited duration, but now supposed to remain fixed. This package offers 30 GB of monthly internet data included, and rechargeable if necessary. Calls and SMS are unlimited to telephones in mainland France and overseas. From overseas departments and European countries, 10 GB of internet data remains usable, as well as unlimited calls and SMS.

La Poste Mobile drops its 30 GB plan to € 9.99.

La Poste Mobile

Non-binding mobile plan

from€ 9.99

See this offer

This non-binding package is paid monthly. If the price remains fixed, it must however also count the purchase of the SIM card the first month. This costs € 9.90. Added to the mobile plan, the consumer therefore pays € 19.89 at first, before going to € 9.99 / month

The La Poste Mobile 30 Go package in a few points:

  • 30 GB of internet data;
  • unlimited calls and SMS to mainland France and overseas;
  • 10 GB of roaming internet data (30 GB deducted);
  • unlimited calls and SMS from the French overseas departments and the EU (to these destinations and to the mainland);
  • use of the 4G SFR network;
  • € 9.90 SIM card;
  • flat rate at € 9.99 / month;
  • offer without obligation.

Activate La Poste Mobile SIM card

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Brio Liberté: the 20 GB non-binding plan by Coriolis Telecom

The virtual mobile network operator Coriolis Telecom, present since 1999 on the SFR and Orange networks, regularly offers new offers at competitive prices. Its latest promotion concerns its no-obligation plan including 20 GB of internet data. Until January 10 inclusive, this package passes at € 7.99 / month instead of € 14.99 / month. A reduction of almost half over the first twelve months, for a package that is still as advantageous. It will however be necessary to order this package directly from the operator’s site to benefit from this promotion.

Unlimited calls and SMS are also present in this 20 GB package. First obviously from mainland France to the telephones of the territory. Then, to or from the overseas departments, and even to or from the countries of the European Union. For telephony, a presentation of the number, a double call option and a modem on demand option are automatically included with this package.

Coriolis Telecom and its Brio Liberté 20 GB package on promotion at € 7.99, a great offer valid until January 10.

Coriolis Telecom

Non-binding mobile plan

from€ 7.99

See this offer

Internet data side, only 8 GB out of 20 will remain available when roaming from abroad or from overseas municipalities. Still on this same Internet, the H + and 4G networks remain available as long as the internet data is not completely exhausted. Finally, the triple-cut SIM card, purchased online and then shipped, is displayed at € 1. Also note that the first month of subscription to the Brio Liberté package from Coriolis Telecom is only debited the following month. When subscribing, only the SIM card must be paid.

The Coriolis Telecom 20 GB package offer in detail:

  • 20 GB of internet data;
  • unlimited calls and SMS to mainland France and overseas;
  • 8 GB of roaming internet data (20 GB deducted);
  • unlimited calls and SMS from the French overseas departments and the EU (to these same destinations and to the mainland);
  • use of the 4G SFR and Orange network;
  • € 1 SIM card;
  • flat rate of € 7.99 for the first twelve months;
  • offer without obligation.

Non-binding offers La Poste Mobile and Coriolis Telecom in direct competition

As a reminder, the non-binding aspect of a package is now essential for many consumers. In effect, this allows everyone to subscribe to a mobile offer without being tied to an operator. In practice, the subscriber retains the possibility of canceling his subscription at any time, and this at no additional cost. This is a non-negligible argument when we know that, for the package with commitment, the termination fees can be very substantial.

These two offers are balanced in their values. Prices follow the capacity of available internet data and additional options. The two operators also offer a multitude of smartphones for sale directly on their respective sites. It is thus possible to cumulate a mobile phone, a SIM card and a no-obligation plan with one basket.

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