4 Signs that Aurel Hermansyah is Pregnant, from Atta Halilintar’s Treatment During Sacrifice to Shocking Words

PR TASIKMALAYA – Celebrity couple Aurel Hermansyah and Atta Halilintar accused of hiding the news of pregnancy.

Because, netizen several times caught the action Aurel Hermansyah and Atta Halilintar hints at pregnancy.

So, what are the signs? Aurel Hermansyah pregnant?

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View PikiranRakyat-Tasikmalaya.com from the IntensInvestigasi YouTube channel uploaded on July 21, 2021, here are 3 signs Aurel Hermansyah pregnant

1. Stomach stroking photo Aurel Hermansyah

In the midst of happiness Aurel Hermansyah birthday celebration, netizen actually highlights this.

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