4 Passengers Died After Angkot Breaks Through Railroad, Driver Arrested

Medan, CNN Indonesia

City transport (public transportation) breaking through the crossroads train (KA) on Jalan Sekip, Sei Agul District, Medan City, Saturday (4/12). As a result, four passengers died and a number of other passengers were injured.

Junaidi, one of the residents, said that at that time the rail gate had gone down. However, the angkot driver was desperate to break through. Collision was unavoidable.

“The angkot was playing through the railroad crossing gate. Even though it had been warned. So at that time it was immediately hit,” he said.

All of the victims were passengers of the “Wampu Mini 123” brand. The driver himself tried to escape but was caught by the locals. Meanwhile, the condition of the angkot was badly damaged.

“There are many people at the location and traffic jams. The police and residents have evacuated the victims,” ​​he concluded.

Meanwhile, the West Medan Police Chief, Kompol Ruzi Gusman, said that the total number of victims in the fatal accident was 8 people, each of which 4 died and 4 were seriously injured.

“From temporary data, there are four people who died at the location and four others were injured. The injured are still undergoing treatment,” he explained.

Separately, the Public Relations Manager of PT Kereta Api Indonesia Regional Division I-Northern Sumatra, Mahendro Trang Bawono regretted the occurrence of accidents at railroad crossings in the North Sumatra region. Moreover, the accident to claim quite a lot of victims.

“We deeply regret the incident. This can actually be avoided by always increasing vigilance when crossing level crossings,” said Mahendro.

Mahendro hopes that motorists who want to cross the crossing will always be careful and prioritize train travel. That is in accordance with the mandate of Law No. 23 of 2007.

“If everyone obeys, incidents like this will not happen again. Throughout 2021, 17 accidents have occurred at railroad crossings in North Sumatra,” he said.

Crossing Officers

Meanwhile, three residents in Bandung, namely RZ (24), RA (23), and AL (27), ganged up on a crossing guard officer at Kiaracondong Station who tried to stop them from crossing carelessly, Friday (3/12) afternoon.

The case was caught on camera and the video went viral on social media. At first, a motorcycle rider without a helmet conversed with members of the Special Railway Police (Polsuska) and several members of the Transportation Service (Dishub).

A group of people started attacking the volunteer team from the Edan Sepur Community and members of the Polsuska by hitting and kicking.

RZ attacked the AP officer (24) until he was injured. After that, the perpetrator came back with some friends. There was a beating incident.

After receiving the report of the beating, the police then conducted a crime scene investigation which was followed by an investigation. “Then we gave chase, less than 24 hours [pelaku telah ditangkap],” said Bandung Police Chief Kombes Aswin Sipayung.

The suspects were charged with Article 170 and/or Article 351 of the Criminal Code related to persecution and beatings with a maximum penalty of five years and six months.

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