4 Children Found Dead in South Jakarta – Police Investigate Perpetrators and Cause of Death


As much 4 children in Jagakarsa, South Jakarta, was found dead locked in a room. The police are investigating this incident.

“That’s right, 4 people (victims). There were 4 bodies found in the room,” said Head of Criminal Investigation Unit for South Jakarta Metro Police AKBP Bintoro when contacted, Wednesday (6/12/2023).

Bintoro said the perpetrators were thought to be the parents of the victims. It is known that the perpetrator also tried to commit suicide, but was thwarted and is currently being treated in hospital.



“Meanwhile for the parents themselves. Meanwhile, the child (perpetrator) is still suspected (the victim). His parents are suspected of being the perpetratorsu tried to commit suicide too. “But now he is still safe and being treated in hospital,” he said.

Not yet known for sure cause of death of the victim chronology of existing cases. Currently the police are still investigating the crime scene (TKP).

“We are still checking everything first. For now, we are still investigating,” he concluded.

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