3rd league before termination? Decision should fall on the DFB Bundestag

Frankfurt / Main – The heated debate about the continuation of the season in the third division could be resolved on an extraordinary DFB Bundestag. All information:

  • future the 3rd league still open: Season break or Ghost games?
  • DFB Presidium wants extraordinary DFB Bundestag convened.
  • 3rd league: A decision should be made on this.

Update from April 24th – 3:30 p.m.: At today’s meeting of the DFB Presidium have those responsible for Conscription one Extraordinary DFB Bundestag pronounced. The background is the discussion to the Season continuation the 3rd league and Women’s Bundesliga. On the DFB Bundestag could that decision about one cancellation fall. Again DFB has announced that the formal convocation has not yet been carried out, but this should “at a given time” respectively.

3rd league: DFB Presidium wants to convene extraordinary DFB Bundestag

Update from April 24th – 10 a.m.: At the Friday will DFB Presidium by video conference about the further procedure in DFB Cup and in the 3rd league to advise. In the 3rd league are missing because of Corona break currently still eleven match days by End of season. Whether and how season has continued for many among the clubs Discussions worried.

The DFB wants to convene an extraordinary Bundestag.

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After a special conference last Tuesday (April 22), those responsible agreed that the debate should be conducted internally in the future. A crucial one poll about the future the 3rd league it should come at the earliest in the coming week.

3rd league: DFB Presidium discusses future of 3rd league – vote next week?

Loud Information of DFB would Third division clubs at a Season break 30 million euros to lose. That is also why the association pleads for one Season continuation. On Thursday it was confirmed that 7.5 million euros will flow to the 3rd division and the women’s Bundesliga.

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The money comes from the German Champions League participants FC Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, RB Leipzig and Bayer 04 Leverkusen, who made a total of 20 million euros available to support clubs at risk. The sum is managed by the DFL. On Friday, SV Waldhof announced that the club had received approval for the upcoming third division season.

3rd league: DFB Presidium discusses future of 3rd league – vote next week?

Update from April 22nd: The argument to the continuation the current season has been in the 3rd league too many Discussions guided. After this last especially public were carried out, the DFB on Tuesday one Special session convened. In the video conference the clubs have agreed that the debate future intern should be performed.

“Regardless of some of the different opinions among the clubs, the common goal of all those involved is to find a viable solution to maintain the 3rd league in its proven structure and secure its future as a professional league”, it says in the DFB announcement.

3rd league: clubs agree on “factual, constructive” discussion

“We want to offer the 3rd division solutions that enable the game to continue. The 3rd league also falls into the professional football category. We are working very hard to ensure that we succeed and that we will have finished the season by June 30th “, said DFB general secretary Friedrich Curtius on Tuesday evening in an interview with the Bild newspaper.

Club representatives and DFB according to the DFB information “A factual, constructive and above all goal-oriented discussion” agreed. This is “Indispensable for proper decision-making. Public confrontations damage the third division and its clubs, regardless of the content of individual opinions. In addition, they do not contribute to solutions, but only make them more difficult “, explained Tom Eilers, the Chairman of the 3rd League Committee.

3rd league: clubs want to debate internally about possible termination

At the Friday (April 24) it will DFB Presidium “With the framework conditions for a possible resumption of play in federal game classes” deal, the association announces. There is agreement that “That further decisions regarding the operation of the 3rd league are absolutely dependent on the official basis for disposal and will be made in strict compliance with health policy requirements”.

Dispute in the 3rd league threatens to escalate – DFB convenes special session

First report from April 21: The 3rd league is currently split like never before. During eight club – including SV Waldhof Mannheim – publicly for one immediate termination of the season have pleaded, among others five third division clubs from Bavaria for one Continuation the season with Ghost games pronounced. As in the 3rd league going on now is currently completely open. Due to the public disagreement within the division, the DFB for Tuesday (April 21) one Special session scheduled.

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SV Waldhof: 3rd league – special session on Tuesday

It is a Information eventson which the possible scenarios to be presented. He has that DFB the German Press Agency confirmed. Sport1 first reported about it. Attend the meeting on Tuesday alongside DFB Vice President Peter Frymuth, Game master Manuel Hartmann and the committee chair Tom Eilers the 20 managing directors of the third division.

In the 3rd league it is not yet clear what will happen in the future.

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In the video conference should it still be too no decision come. A poll about the further procedure in the Corona crisis at the earliest in the next week respectively. The SV Waldhof and seven other clubs published a position paper on Friday in which for Season break is pleaded. Accordingly, there should be promoters in this season, but no relegations. Next Mannheim Magdeburg, Chemnitz, Halle, Zwickau, Jena, Münster and Großaspach have campaigned for the immediate demolition.

SV Waldhof: Clubs from Bavaria continue the season

For one Continuation the season are both the Clubs from Bavaria as well as Hansa Rostock. The other clubs of the 3rd league have not yet taken a public position. Regional league SV Elversberg has recently brought a two-tier 3rd league into play, but this is met with rejection by many clubs. In the Bundesliga, however, play operations * could start again from May 9.

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