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36 million Colombians have a covid vaccination program

The Ministry of Health has announced that 89,867,549 vaccines have already been applied in Colombia against covid-19 from different laboratories such as Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Moderna, Janssen and Sinovac.

With complete diagrams vaccination there are 36,891,628 people in the country.

The agency’s report reveals that 79,902 doses of the pandemic vaccine were administered during the week, a very low figure when infections and deaths are on the rise, so it is urgent that people apply their booster doses.

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Health Minister Carolina Corcho said it is necessary to become aware of the importance of vaccines when there are a number of them in different regions nationwide.

“We ask Colombian citizens to go to the health points to communicate with the EPS and their health center to complete their vaccination programs, because as the World Health Organization has stated, we have not yet overcome the coronavirus pandemic. the covid, the risks increase mainly due to the crowds of the December seasons”She said.

The official also called on EPS to strengthen vaccination with strategies that keep people motivated to hit points nationwide.

“We have vaccine availability in the country, and we need to complete the vaccination schemes, so local authorities and pension plan management companies are invited to increase the schemes by 10% complete, in 20% the first and second reinforcement”indicated.

For its part, the National Institute of Health pointed out that in the latest update of its genomic surveillance report, the new variant of covid-19, BQ.1 known internationally as “Hellhound”, completely replaced the Omicron BA.5.x and BA.4.x variants.

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The entity pointed out that since the last week of October, when this new lineage of covid-19 was detected as circulating in the country, The increase in infections is noteworthy, exceeding 83%.

The director general of the INS indicated that the recommendations continue to be those already known: hand washing, use of masks on public transport, ventilation of spaces and vaccination, i.e. complete schemes of vaccination to maintain immunity.

The latest report from the Ministry of Health confirmed 7,052 new cases of covid-19 infection in Colombia and the deaths of 53 people. Data confirming that infections have returned to rise in various regions, taking into account that the previous week 5,336 cases had been confirmed, but to this is added the increase in victims that after having had 32 deaths.

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