3 garlic cloves to lose 5 kilos per week … Garlic recipe for rapid slimming in 7 days without diet

Garlic is one of the most nutrients that have many benefits on the body, and for everyone who is interested in losing excess weight, studies have shown that garlic has great effectiveness in Garlic slimming quickly In a short period of time, burning the accumulated fat in the body for all places of the abdomen and buttocks, where it is taken in the morning or through mixtures with natural ingredients to give more effectiveness.

How to lose garlic on an empty stomach

Garlic works to block appetite for long periods, and when consumed it stimulates the digestion process because it has a substance that fights triglycerides and their effectiveness in burning more calories, and one of the experiments that have been done has proven that garlic is losing weight, especially in the abdomen and buttocks while continuing on it for several days.

Garlic slimming in a short time

Experiments have proven that there is no contraindication to eating garlic as it is a natural antibiotic for the body, and its intake is not affected by age or health condition, and in general it is possible to eat two garlic cloves on an empty stomach daily that will not affect health, as it is advised to eat it fresh immediately after peeling so that it does not lose Its effect after being exposed to air.

Garlic recipe on an empty stomach

  1. 3 cloves of garlic are crushed and left for 10 minutes and can be used on salad or soup.
  2. Also, 2 garlic cloves can be peeled and chewed or swallowed on an empty stomach in the morning.
  3. You can also eat 2 cloves of garlic before going to sleep.
  4. Or garlic can be eaten in natural recipes that we will talk about in the next lines.

Garlic and lemon recipe for slimming

The lemon works to lose weight healthily and effectively, as it contains vitamin C, an anti-oxidant and promotes digestion throughout the day, just nationalize the lemon in a cup of water and then add 3 crushed garlic cloves to it, mix the ingredients well and drink that mixture every day.

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